Saturday, February 12, 2011

a popping good time

we got some stuff at work that was packaged in some bubble wrap.

the angel on my shoulder says i should put the bubble wrap with all our other bubble wrap.

the devil on my shoulder wants me to pop, pop, pop every bubble on that sheet.

why is bubble wrap so awesome?

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JA4REAL said...

Yaye bubble wrap! Hey Nicky, I totally agree. Cool blog page. I was intrigued by the link, so I had to pop by. I have a theory: the fascination with bubble wrap I think is because it's something that's kind of strange and forbidden to us as children. The forbidden part is for us to pop it. We were always told by our parents,"Stop popping that, it makes too much noise!' And in a child's mind, "stop means go," and so on. So,the urge to increase the noise increases. And it's cus they come in diff shapes and sizes too. I still like poppin' bubble wrap. I will stomp on it, try to pop it quietly, or just pop it with my fingers. No matter what age, we all like bubble wrap! :P