Monday, December 20, 2010

*steps on soapbox*

i'm watching one of those "you are not the father" episodes of Maury on Hulu, and seriously, i want to smack pretty much everyone who shows up on it. i get the feeling that most of these people are really not mature enough to be having sex.

i want to shake them by the shoulders...all of them: the men and the women...and tell them that they need to think about whether they want to have kids before they start having sex. and, if they decide that they don't want sex to result in kids, they need to learn to use birth control properly and also come to terms with the thought of either choosing abortion or putting the kid up for adoption in the event that birth control fails and they still have no desire to raise a kid.

that's a major reason i waited as long as i did to engage in sex acts that carry a risk of pregnancy -- i didn't want to open that particular can of worms until i thought through it and felt comfortable with my options for what to do if the condom broke and i turned up pregnant. even though sex is about pleasure rather than procreation for me, as a woman who never wants to have kids...certain acts carry a risk that anyone considering them needs to face thoughtfully before they actually do it.

end of rant.

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