Friday, November 05, 2010


i dodged a major bullet today...or, it could be better said that i dodged a major shmooball.

there were massive issues with the Shmoocon ticket sales on Monday. the web server just couldn't handle the amount of load it got from people trying to buy tickets, and it crashed. no one got any tickets. the powers-that-be cancelled Monday's ticket offering to test it further, and then announced on Tuesday that tickets would go on sale Thursday at noon eastern time. as such, i set my alarm for 10:45am Thursday, so i could be up for the ticket sale--11am central time.

fast forward to Thursday morning. i slept like bollocks on Wednesday, and was exhausted when i got home from work Thursday morning. i passed out by nine thirty or so. all of a sudden, i hear my alarm. i'm confused, because it's light outside. my alarm doesn't go off until 7pm on Thursdays--and this time of year, it's already pitch-dark by then. i muttered some curses under my breath, killed my alarm, and went back to sleep until 6pm.

i didn't realise until i was walking into work around 8:45 tonight that i had failed epically. i had set that alarm for a reason, that reason was Shmoocon tickets, and i had probably slept my way out of my best chance to buy them. i arrive at work, freaking out, and fire up the Shmoocon page as soon as i logged onto my workstation.

of course, since i said i dodged a shmooball, i bet you know what happened: ticket sales were postponed yet again. i sighed with relief...and vowed to put a note by my alarm to the effect of "WAKE UP, ROGUE, YOU MORON. YOU WANT SHMOOCON TICKETS, DON'T YOU?"

i still can't believe i bungled that today...

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