Thursday, October 14, 2010

B-Sides Ottawa, anyone?

are any of you who may be reading this trudging up to the Great White North for Security B-Sides Ottawa on November 12 and 13? just wondering, because this week i got the requisite days off work, got my plane ticket, and all systems are go for spending that weekend in Ottawa.

(if you haven't signed up, there are still slots, but you have to plan soon since it's 90% full as of this morning!)

i'm excited. i haven't been to Canada since i was a teenager; my junior year choir trip was to Toronto. i've never been to Ottawa, ever. even more importantly to me, there are a lot of cool talks planned (i'm most excited about the nmap scripting engine talk), and a lot of fun people are coming, so it should be a fabulous weekend.

i had just better not forget my passport when i leave for the airport. ;-)

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