Wednesday, September 22, 2010

song meme: days 11 and 12

again, playing catch-up.

soon i'll have more reliable internet access. all my tubes since i moved have been either tethered to my phone, at work, or at coffeehouses. we should have DSL at home come October 4, though... *crosses fingers*

Day 11 — A song from your favourite band

i have two favourite i won't discriminate. i'll post one from each.

first..."she said" by cold. seriously, if i had to pick a favourite song of all time, it would probably be this one. cold has a lot of amazing songs, but none quite so well woven together as this one.

and, second..."costume for a gutterball" by finger eleven. it was rather difficult to pick just one of their songs. all i know is, it's a shame that everyone knows them for "one thing" and "paralyzer", because they've been putting out great music since the mid-nineties. i almost put "stay in shadow" since it's my favourite song on the self-titled album as well as the antithesis of what they're known for...but there's just something about "costume for a gutterball" that does a little more to speak to my life at this point.

Day 12 — A song from a band you hate

puddle of mudd sucks. this song sucks. seriously, it's bands like puddle of mudd that give good, rocking nineties alt-rock bands a bad name.

really, i only posted this because it encapuslates the spirit of the item of the meme, posting a song by a band you hate. if you respect your ears at all, you're not going to press play. why?

because puddle of mudd really, really sucks.

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