Tuesday, September 28, 2010

song meme: day 18

Day 18: a song that you wish you heard on the radio

wow...i could go on all day about this one. i could go on all year about this one. between the non-album tracks by bands you do hear on the radio, and the songs by all the random local artists i listen to that have never really gotten any radio play over the years, i could answer this with something along the lines of "the vast majority of my iPod, silly!"

but, so as not to be writing this all day (or expecting you to spend the rest of the year watching thousands of videos), i'll narrow it down to one. and, today, that one is "The Nurse with Amnesia" by Shades of Fiction. they were a local band in Chicago in the mid-aughts...who i was lucky enough to see a few times in concert, and to have a few songs from in demos and compilations. in fact, the handle faceless-wonder (which i use on livejournal and dreamwidth) came from another one of their songs, "Faceless Wonder of the World". but, as much as i like that song...i like this one better. :)

the Chicago music scene really lost out when these guys broke up.

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