Thursday, September 23, 2010

song meme: day 13

Day 13: a song you think is a guilty pleasure

there are few songs i think are guilty pleasures. but, there are a few. there are a few songs i feel truly awful about liking, but i like them anyway. this is a song that i feel so awful about liking that i almost put it up yesterday, as a song by a band i hate. because...this is a band i hate. this is a band who falls into the same category as Puddle of Mudd, as a band who gives the rest of nineties/early-aughts alt-rock/nu-metal/post-grunge/whateverthefuckyouwanttocallthatawesomemusic a really bad name. most of this band's music is terrible.

but, unlike Puddle of Mudd, they put out a few tunes that are just so catchy and fun to listen to that i have to crank them every so often.

what's really sad is that i had to actually pick which one to post among four Limp Bizkit songs, since there are actually four of their songs that i like. i went with "Nookie", but i could have just as well picked "Rollin'", "My Way", or "Break Stuff". i am truly an awful person.

...i just went with "Nookie" because of the several conversations with friends of mine that have turned into lengthy discourses about the ramifications of taking "that cookie" and sticking it up one's "yeah".

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