Friday, July 02, 2010

yes, my life is awesome.

i've been delinquent on posting here...but really, most of what i do anymore is work and sleep.

that's not such a bad thing, really. i'm a month into my job, and i absolutely love it. first of all...hello! they're paying me to play with computers, and it's just as much fun as i thought it would be! i'm learning a ton, and even though some projects get kind of frustrating, i always end up learning something in the end, and i feel a real sense of accomplishment if i help iron out something messy. it's a fun job, and a rewarding one.

also, the people i work with are really cool...i had forgotten what it was like to actually have things in common with my co-workers. i never quite felt that way in the law. i always felt like a i had all this awesome stuff going on, and all these awesome interests outside the office, but had to hide what made me interesting behind the facade of some douchebag attorney. i don't feel that way at my new job. things are a lot more laid-back, and i actually feel comfortable around the people i'm working with. i still try to keep a healthy barrier between my work life and my outside-of-work life, for the sake of professionalism and for the sake of my sanity, but i feel like i'm the same person whether i'm inside the doors of the data centre or outside of them. it's freeing.

today, i just had some excellent news. my company operates out of a couple data centers: one in the suburbs, and one in the city. originally, i was supposed to be working at the suburban data center at the conclusion of my training. i knew that from the time i interviewed, and knew i could get there readily on public transit. however, it was a very long commute--two hours each way. the other data center was a much shorter commute...about half an hour each way. my first two and a half weeks on the job i trained in the suburbs; the last two weeks i've been training in the city. i was supposed to start off in the suburbs on my normal shift this weekend--but i just found out this afternoon that i can work at the one in the city, effective immediately!


i am SO HAPPY about this. i liked being at both places, but i have a lot more energy (not to mention three more hours to myself per workday!) when my commute is that much shorter. things were already looking up careerwise, now that i have a job--not to mention one that's in my chosen field, one that's a lot of fun, and one where i can work nights instead of days. now, they're looking even better, since the commute time has suddenly gone from four hours a day to one...for the same job with the same company and the same night-owl hours.


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