Sunday, July 18, 2010

a disjointed post-HOPE update

HOPE is over.

i'm exhausted, mentally and physically. i guess i always am, after a con, but i'm not used to this kind of exhaustion. by the last day of the con, my ability to socialize was basically zero. of course, i fought my way through it today and tried to be as social as possible, because the fact remains that cons are the only time i can see most of my friends who don't live anywhere near me. i wish i could put my finger on why i'm feeling this way, but i can't.

my talk went okay. honestly, i don't think i executed it quite as well as i did at notacon, but i don't think i bombed it either. i did get lost in my words a few times, though, and sometimes i didn't quite put my points as eloquently as i wanted. i got the dvd with the talk on there; eventually i'll watch it, although it'll probably take a few weeks (or months) until i muster up the nerve to watch it.

i went on radio statler, the streaming radio station from the con, a couple of times. friday night, a bunch of us went into the studio with murd0c for drunken silliness and randomness. there wasn't so much a topic for the show, it was just us goofing off a lot and talking about whatever crossed our minds, but it was a lot of fun to do. then, saturday afternoon, i had my planned timeslot. i did an advice show...although people asked some of the most ridiculous questions on IRC. (the phones weren't working so well, so we had very few calls in...most of our interaction was with people on IRC.) bunni3 and a few others dropped in to help give advice and banter on the air, and a good time was had by all...i think. :)

the hacker karaoke event last night was a lot of fun. there were some cool people who i didn't get to spend enough time with at the con otherwise, so it was a lot of fun to talk to them. i sang a lot of songs (five that i actually signed up for, plus a few that i was randomly pulled on to do...), and somehow my voice held up despite the fact that the event was right after my talk. people seemed to like what i sang and how i sang, so that was good.

anyway...this is rather disjointed, and doesn't make any sense. but, that's about all that's coming out right now, since the con just ended a couple of hours ago, and i'm just now getting some food in me and getting enough alone time that i can even begin to decompress. i have one more night in new york (i fly back to chicago tomorrow), and part of me really wants to figure out something fun to do tonight. maybe some of the HOPE people are going to be doing something, or maybe i'll head off to the party that alpha one labs, a hackerspace in brooklyn, is having tonight. who knows.

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