Wednesday, May 26, 2010


last night i went to pub quiz at Globe for the first time in a very, very long time. i love that pub's difficult, and the quizmaster is awesome. my team ended up placing in second, thanks in part to my awesome ability to remember the lyrics to "the sign" by ace of base.

(yes, i like a lot of really bad songs. this is one of them. in fact, it was the first song i ever sang karaoke. i was ten years old.)

however, i didn't recognise the picture of jenny berggren in the picture round. i am really ashamed of that fact. >.<

i'm finding it so hard to focus on anything today. i brought all my CCNA studying materials, since i'm working on that. however, i haven't gotten through any more than about twenty pages of my book yet today. my brain is in a constant state of "is it tomorrow yet? is it tomorrow yet? is it tomorrow yet?", given that i'm heading out to Detroit early tomorrow morning for DEMF. i'm really excited about that...i've never been before, and niteshad has been telling me how awesome it is and how i should really go to it some year since last fall. hopefully it's as awesome as he says it is. ;)

i'll be in Detroit from tomorrow until Tuesday, and then i start my job on Wednesday morning. i'm excited about it, but still kind of nervous. hopefully it'll go well, though. i'm so glad that i'll finally be embarking on my new career in IT. of course, my focus has been on IT and not on law for about a year now. but, it somehow feels more legitimate now that i'm starting an actual job in IT, as opposed to being some random unemployed ex-lawyer who was trying to gain enough of a knowledge base in computers to be able to find her first full-time, paying position in the field.

sorry this was all over the place, but my brain's all over the place today. you all get to deal. ;-)

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