Friday, May 21, 2010

ham radio test

i should be asleep, but i'm not quite tired yet.

i should be asleep, since i'm getting up at 6am tomorrow to go take my ham radio technician exam. it's something that i've seen people having fun with and been curious about trying for a while...but, of course, you can't really do a whole lot with radios until you're licensed to transmit. i'm feeling pretty good about it...i've been knocking all the practice tests out of the park. the material on the technician test is pretty basic. it's electronics basics, radio basics, and ground rules for not pissing off the fcc. it's not hard material, and i've taken enough practice tests to be really comfortable with the format of the test.

the only problem is that they don't seem to offer ham exams in the city of chicago. all the exams seem to be out in the suburbs. most of the ones in the suburbs aren't all that convenient to public transit, but the one tomorrow is in midlothian, very close to a pace bus stop. unfortunately, though, it starts at 9am--and the way there involves a train, to another train, to a pace bus, to another pace bus. this is going to be my most epic transit trip since the time i used cta and pace to get to the ikea in schaumburg and back.

but, hopefully after all is said and done, i'll pass my test, and be licensed to start playing on the radio. :-)

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melid said...

Good luck, I'll see ya on the air! :)