Thursday, April 01, 2010

a year.

it was a year ago yesterday when i lost my job at the law firm.

as frustrating as it is, in a lot of respects, to still not have a job...i'm so much happier than i was a year ago. going to that job was frustrating. i wasn't enjoying it. i was starting to come to the realisation at that point in time that i didn't want to be an attorney anymore. i hasn't completely come around to that yet, but that's where i was leaning...i was spending all my spare time playing with computers, and i remember the weekend before i was laid off, i had spent the entire saturday night alternately in tears and doing research on computer science graduate programs, since even though the idea of going back to school for any purpose did (and still does) revile me, it seemed like a way out.

i'm not going to make this some kind of ridiculous retrospective and rehash the last year. most of it was awesome, some of it was painful. i'm still not quite there by any stretch of the imagination, whatever there means anyway. that being said, i have a much better idea of what i want now than i had at this time last year, and i'm grateful for the law firm for telling me to take a hike. my life is much better for it.

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