Wednesday, April 28, 2010

of course...

of course the sound on my computer decides to stop working the week i'm supposed to be giving a talk about music projects.

i can't figure out what's wrong. i've been googling and troubleshooting like crazy, and my sound is still borked. i have no idea what i did to cause this. none.

time to back up my system again and do a clean reinstall, again. i just nuked and rebuilt my laptop two and a half weeks ago, but since the sound worked just fine when i installed xubuntu karmic a few weeks ago, i'm hoping the problem goes away with this reinstall.

unless, of course, it's some "upgrade" to xubuntu karmic that came out in the last couple days that obliterated my sound. if that's the issue, then i will be one very angry camper. the presentation will happen either way (since the awesome niteshad has offered to let me use his machine if mine stays borked)...but still, having a computer with busted sound makes me one cranky rogueclown.

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