Saturday, April 10, 2010

last entry meant something. this one is just me complaining.

i should be doing something productive to prepare for notacon.

unfortunately, the only thing i've done that's the least bit productive in that regard is buy bleach and hair dye to fix my hair before the con. that's a step. but, i've done nothing else.

i wanted to buy more jeans, since all the ones i have are falling apart. but, i've been thwarted in that pursuit, since apparently no one wants to stock my favourite jeans in april. seriously...people wear jeans all year long. i don't understand why stores don't keep a full stock of them all year long, instead of only stocking them when fall and winter clothing is in season.

(then again, i never understood the idea of "seasons" for clothing, anyway. the season affects my desire to throw on a coat over my clothing or not, but it does not change what i want to wear. i don't care if it's december, june, or anything else...i want to wear jeans and a t-shirt!)

that said, i will have to search some more over the next day or two for some jeans that make my butt and my legs look good...and are not falling apart like all my current ones are. i also want to find a skirt. i would like to find a cute new skirt for notacon, so i can show off my bad-ass steel-toed knee-high boots, maybe while i'm hosting either Whose Slide or Pub Trivia at notacon.

i also have some work to get done on my talk slides and my blockparty entry, but i'm just braindead today. braindead as in doing things like "getting on a bus going the wrong way". braindead as in "useless for anything other than gazing out into space and posting completely worthless tweets and blog entries." i'm drinking coffee, i'm listening to upbeat music, and it's really not helping.


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