Friday, March 19, 2010

a MUD-dy proposition

i am at flourish, an open-source software conference at UIC. after logging on to the UIC guest wireless system, an acceptable use policy pops up. this acceptable use policy contains the following text:

You are expected to refrain from engaging in deliberate wasteful practices such as multi-user dungeons (MUDs), sending chain letters through electronic mail, printing unnecessary output, printing multiple copies of files, performing unnecessary computations, generating excessive network traffic, or unnecessarily holding public PCs or dial-up phone lines for long periods of time when others are waiting for these resources. Academic work always has priority over other authorized uses.

MUDs? seriously?

nothing against them...i went through my MOO phase a little late [2006...haha], but they can be kind of fun. but, nowadays, i doubt hey qualify as "deliberate wasteful practices."

although, if someone managed to hog as much bandwidth MUD-ing as people hog nowadays with stuff like World of Warcrack, i'd be terribly impressed, and probably buy them a beer.

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