Monday, March 08, 2010

/me shakes her head

clever, roy ashburn. very clever.

you get a reputation for being one of the most vehemently anti-gay state politicians in California. you get busted driving drunk home from a gay club. surprise, surprise, you're gay.

and you still try to excuse your anti-gay political face by saying it's what your constituents would have wanted?

i really, really don't know what to say about that.

on one hand, a legislator is supposed to be a voice for his constituents, so i can see how that's supposed to sound noble.

but, on the other hand, i find it really hard to excuse his hypocrisy--repeatedly voting against measures that would benefit himself and other gay citizens--as constituent service. who you are as a legislator should not lie in conflict with who you are as a person--and, if who you are as a person is that out of line with your constituents, you should not be their legislator. more than anything, that's why i decided years ago not to go into politics...i refuse to vote against my own beliefs in the name of constituent service, and i know that acting in my own good conscience would make me so out of line with the normal belief as to be unelectable.

in other words, i refuse to believe that roy ashburn was making some kind of noble sacrifice for the sake of his constituents...selflessly voting anti-gay despite the fact that he was, in fact, gay. i can understand having a difficult time coming to terms with being gay, especially if you had been married, and had been leading such a public existence as a legislator would have to lead. but, there are far more constructive ways to deal with it than trying to hide it by being a vehemently anti-gay politician. he could vote against as many gay rights bills as he wanted, but he was still going to have to one day face the fact that he's gay, and no amount of voting against gay rights bills is going to make him any less attracted to men at the end of the day.

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