Wednesday, February 17, 2010

an incoherent recap of the month so far.

things have gone from slow to insane this month.

i'm moving at the end of the month--don't be too shocked, it's still within Chicago, but packing up all my stuff is really going to suck. come March 1, though, i'll be a southsider again, at least for a few months, living where chinatown and bridgeport bleed together.

getting to the hackerspace will be a little more difficult from there, but i'll manage--especially for half the rent, and not having to deal with a cat who has it in for me.

other than that, i feel like i've spent most of the month out of town. i was in DC from the 3rd through the 8th, in order to go to shmoocon. epic doesn't even begin to describe it. from working on the network, to attending talks, to participating in contests, to partying and chatting and spending time with friends i never see often enough, it was amazing, and i'm already looking forward to the next shmoocon a year from now.

speaking of contests, this was my final-round run at Gringo Warrior. it wasn't quite as epic as my first run, but it was still pretty sweet, and there's no video of my first run online yet. it was still a good several hundred points better than any run i had made at the course before shmoocon this year...and yes, i did win the event, and have some kickass ninja-sword lockpicks to show for it. :)

after shmoocon was the week of apartment visits, leading up to the aforementioned place. then, from the 13th to the 16th, i was in Detroit. that was a lot of fun...and i'm still a little sad that i'm not there anymore. monday night, though, was probably one of my weirdest nights out in a long time...we went up to ann arbor to meet up with some people, and they [unbeknownst to us, for a good long while] had been kicked out of the club before we even arrived. it was also weird because there was this bizarre mix of people who were there for industrial night [our purpose for being there], and drunk college kids throwing beads around and trying to celebrate mardi gras. it made for...some extra-special people-watching, i'll put it that way.

now, i'm back in Chicago, for at least the rest of the month. i need to pack up all my stuff, for one thing...which means i need to get boxes. this weekend, a contingent from i3Detroit is coming to visit pumping station: one, so that should be a really good time. they were awesome enough to host some of us and show us around their space back in December, so it's going to be nice to welcome them to ours and hang out on our turf. then, the next weekend, i move.

between that, and other projects i have coming down the pipeline, my mind is bouncing around like a ball of silly putty.

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