Friday, February 26, 2010

i'm getting out of here

t minus two days before i move to Bridgeport.

t minus 27 hours until i absolutely, positively, without a doubt have to have all my stuff packed.

i should be used to this. i counted a few days the nine and a half years since i fled the nest, this is my nineteenth move.

i'm not used to it. i hate it. no matter how frustrating any living situation gets, or how deeply i know any given phase of my life is drawing to a close, i hate the act of putting my entire life in cardboard boxes and lugging it elsewhere.

even though i've been in wrigleyville for nineteen months now, which is by far the longest i've lived anywhere since the house where i grew up, i still don't own all that much stuff. it's not a matter of it being a lot of work to pack up everything. i just don't like to do it. packing and unpacking is a pain.

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