Sunday, January 31, 2010

radio where?

i've been listening to radio.wazee for such a long time...since 2001 or 2002, if i remember correctly. i remember long days in the maclab and long nights in the a-level of the reg, sitting with my headphones plugged into the computers, listening to that station as i worked on papers for school. i remember it being the only thing that kept me sane as i sat at the computer entering barcode after barcode during that boring job at the law library. i remember being so angry i couldn't see straight when i tried to play it on my computer at my last job, but it was blocked. but, i could always turn it on when i got home.

always...until about two weeks ago. the stream has been down, and i have to resort to pandora. resort to youtube. resort to my own collection.

it's not the same.

i have a long list of songs and bands i'd never know if not for that station. people nowadays have the luxury of tailoring things like Pandora to their tastes, but even in the early aughts, before such custom musical was as if i had that luxury already, because the music radio.wazee played so well reflected my musical tastes.

i'm hoping against hope that the maintainer of the station, who has been MIA for an extended period of time, reappears and brings the stream back up. if he doesn't, the internet has truly lost its best radio station.

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