Wednesday, January 27, 2010

finally finishing that thirty-days meme...

...although, for one thing, i sort of let that thirty-days meme drop by the wayside when i left for Berlin, and didn't get around to finishing it. since it's rare enough that i finish anything i start, i may as well finish this meme, trivial as it may be.

Day 26 → Something you consider to be overrated
The Latest And Greatest Apple Product, whatever it happens to be at the time. yeah, i'm still really sick of seeing references to iWhateverTheFuck on my twitter feed today, but it's the same feeling i get whenever they release a new version of the iPhone, iPod, or iAnything. it's no longer cute or special or rebellious to be into Apple stuff. sure, Apple hardware is pretty and packaged well, but it's overpriced. i'm happy with my cranky old Linux boxen, and don't feel the need to follow and buy whatever Apple puts out.

that's not to say i don't have warm, fuzzy memories of certain Apple things. they're just...older things. that Mac 512 my family got when i was three? that was a fun computer, and i still miss it. i'd love to have one again, and love to play Dungeon of Doom for the first time since i was 10 or 11 and that box kicked the bucket.

Day 27 → Something you consider to be underrated
mid-to-late 1990s alternative rock. the verve pipe. matchbox20. third eye blind. the marvelous three. fuel. i could go on and on, list bands all night, but it makes me really sad when people call the bands of this era "faceless". they've been doing that since the mid-90s, and years later, still do. it's unwarranted. their songs had stories to tell, and many of these stories were there for me to make me feel a lot less alone during those teen years when i didn't feel like there was anyone out there who knew what i was thinking or feeling.

...and really, if you don't think this song is gorgeous and haunting, i worry about you.

Day 28 → Something about yourself that most people don't know
this is a tough one, as i'm not exactly good at hiding things about myself. i'm a pretty public person by nature, and even though i can keep secrets about other people, i'm pretty terrible about keeping secrets about myself. those little things about myself, the kinds of things people would generally keep private, just end up being inextricably linked in my mind to bigger or more public-appropriate things, and they end up sneaking out in my attempts to give people the complete story about...whatever facet of myself i happen to be discussing at the time.

that being said, i'll go for something really frivolous of which i was just reminded. "better than me" by hinder just came on my pandora station. i hate hinder, and everything they stand for. but, i really, really like that song. i don't think i've admitted that to anyone, so there you go.

Day 29 → Hopes, dreams and plans
learn as much as i can about systems administration, computer networking, and infosec. find an employer who will take a chance on me as a sysadmin or net-admin. not completely FUBAR whatever aspect of the network i'm building at Shmoocon next week.

never do law again.

work these ideas for musical pieces that are bouncing around in my head into...actual musical pieces that other people can listen to. work the ideas into musical pieces that won't lead people to break the speakers on which the pieces are other words, into actual musical pieces that other people *will* listen to.

come up for good talk ideas for upcoming conventions, specifically Penguicon and HOPE. (DEFCON is still up in the air--i don't know yet if i'll be there that weekend, or at Maker Faire Detroit.)

not be The One At Pumping Station: One Who Lacks Ideas. not be The One At Pumping Station: One Who Keeps Starting Projects But Never Finishes Them. not be The One At Pumping Station: One Who Wants To Do Server Stuff But Has No Clue What She Is Doing. in other words, start to actually feel like i'm coming into my own as a hacker, instead of being so directionless, confused, and distracted.

get a clue.

Day 30 → Whatever tickles your fancy
...silly hats only.

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