Wednesday, January 27, 2010



i've been so bad about writing in this. sometimes i wonder why i even come back and claim that i'll keep using this.

it's not like my life has gotten boring...on the contrary, it has been more interesting lately than it probably ever has been. (note: if you're curious as to some of my shenanigans since i last posted here, i have a few [okay, over 100] photographs on my picasa showing some of my adventures in Berlin for the Congress and New Year's.)

it's not like i've stopped spending time on the computer...on the contrary, i still spend just as much time on these here intertubes as ever.

i haven't even disconnected from the blogosphere; i still read my LJ friendslist religiously. (and even if you're not on LJ, i've either found or made a syndicated feed from your RSS feed, so that's where i grab your blog entries.)

but, either my thoughts and observations are so short that twitter is a far better place for them, or they're so complex that i don't have the time or energy to work them up into full-blown blog entries here.

i still can't let this place go, though. it has been my rant-space, and a way of communicating, since 2003. i can't discount the idea that in the future, i'll want to return to writing more here. i can't promise when...but i can promise that this place is still in my mind.

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Agamemnon said...

I would just like to mention, that I was watching a Blackhawks-Blues game on center ice a month or so ago, and a Dirt Cheap (Cheap, cheap! Fun, fun!) ad came on (I was watching the StL feed on center ice), and my first thought was of this blog.

So, there is that. Ahhh, good memories.