Monday, December 21, 2009

thirty days: day 25

Day 25 → Your day, in great detail

sigh. really?

well...i passed out last night around 12:45, after lots of IRC goodness. i was hoping to get up at an early hour as a result of going to bed earlier than i had in months, but that failed miserably--i didn't wake up until 11:45 this morning. oopsies.

i spent about an hour and a half being cobwebby, half-asleep, and procrastinating. that means i spent the time sitting on my bed, talking on IRC and contemplating a shower. then, i finally took a shower, put on those much-maligned things we call pants, and heading to ps:one. i spent the afternoon at ps:one working on my trivia game proposal for notacon and having random chats with my friend nathan, who was painting the space's TARDIS while i was working on the trivia proposal.

i got the trivia proposal almost done by the time i had to leave for monday night pub trivia. i got to Chief O'Neill's, and had dinner and a white russian. (and then, a few more white russians, since the special round tonight was the big lebowski...) again, trivia went nicely. again, i really hope people didn't hold it too badly against us that we are the kinds of trivia masters that integrate trivia with relentlessly making fun of each other in front of everyone--seriously, if you've never been to our trivia night, i encourage you to come visit and relentlessly make fun of us for absolutely anything!!!

then, after trivia, i got home. home means time to chat on IRC and go to bed. goodnight. :)

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