Wednesday, December 09, 2009

thirty days: day 13

Day 13 → A fictional book

a fictional book? like, a book that doesn't actually exist? or, a book chronicling something that didn't actually happen?

either way, i'll cover both bases with this one:

no, i'm not cheating. Glove Pond is not an actual book--it's a book within a book. The Gum Thief is one of my favourite books by Douglas Coupland. contained within the novel is another book called Glove Pond, which was written by Roger Thorpe--a character in The Gum Thief. Glove Pond is a Fitzgeraldesque yet deliberately ridiculous tale of woe...whereas The Gum Thief is a more modern story of futility, with a dash of hope.

either way, my ability to describe the awesomeness of Douglas Coupland's writing pales in comparison to his actual writing. you should read this book--and if you're in Chicago, i'll gladly lend it to you.

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