Tuesday, September 08, 2009

summer songs

i posted today on my twitter feed, asking everyone what song reminded them of the summer of 2009. it's weird...i don't usually have songs that remind me of any other seasons, per se, but every single year i have a summer song. my summer songs are never the bubblegum stuff associated with the term "summer song"...since i really don't listen to anything all that bouncy, i think only two of these (1998 and 2007) even come close to the traditional idea of a summer song. sometimes the song was released that year, sometimes it wasn't. but, every year since i started listening to a lot of music, i can think back to that summer and always hear one specific song playing in my head as the soundtrack.
  • 1997: "The Freshmen" by The Verve Pipe
  • 1998: "Flagpole Sitta" by Harvey Danger
  • 1999: "She Has Faces" by The Verve Pipe
  • 2000: "Sick Of It All" by Finger Eleven
  • 2001: "No One" by Cold
  • 2002: "Fine Again" by Seether
  • 2003: "Caught In The Rain" by Revis
  • 2004: "The Nurse With Amnesia" by Shades of Fiction
  • 2005: "Time To Waste" by Alkaline Trio
  • 2006: "Cold (But I'm Still Here)" by Evans Blue
  • 2007: "It's The End Of The Western" by Wesley Willis
  • 2008: "Got It Made" by Seether
  • 2009: "Tonight Is The Night I Fell Asleep At The Wheel" by Barenaked Ladies
i should really make a playlist of these songs, as a kind of mental wayback machine.

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