Friday, September 11, 2009

a year

it was just over a year ago when i started my job at the law firm...september 8, 2008. it feels like that was longer ago than that. all the events of the summer of 2008 seem so far away, really: finishing law school, studying for the bar, taking the bar, starting the job with the law firm. the idea of having spent large swaths of my week in an office instead of at pumping station: one (which didn't even exist at the time...) feels absurd. it feels like last summer was another person's life, or at least some other life i lived before this one.

a year ago, i thought that a hackerspace was a temporary installation at a convention where people could meet up to tinker with hardware. now, i know that they are interdisciplinary, creative, and persistent communities.

a year ago, i thought it was healthy for there to be no overlap whatsoever between my career and my interests outside of work. now, i know that any career that doesn't tie into interests i have outside of work will be an extremely poor fit.

a year ago, i thought it was a good thing that there was a complete disconnect between who i was at work and who i was outside of it. now, i know that i'm not suited to live that lie.

a year ago, i thought that i would make my career practicing law. now, i know i won't.

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