Sunday, September 27, 2009


it's been a while, i know. it seems the more that's going on in my life, the less i have to say about it.

this weekend, i've been chilling out in DC. in fact, i'm still there...i leave tomorrow, early afternoon. it has been an amazing weekend so far. there was an informal hacker meetup (BeaveCon, if you will...) that materialised because a bunch of people happened to be in town for various things on this weekend. so, of course, that led to people who were going to be there convincing their friends to come, who in turn convinced other friends to come down...which mushroomed into a heck of a party on friday night. it was really nice to hang out with people who i don't normally see except at hacker cons, but in a casual environment free from the stresses or insanity of actually having a con going on.

speaking of hacker meetups, is there anyone who lives in Chicago (or will be coming through Chicago this coming Friday) who wants to come to a hacker happy hour on Friday night? if so, it's your lucky day, and you should email or comment me so i can let you know the details. :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

i'mma let you finish...

from kanye west douchebag, i present the first one of these crazy lolkanyes that have been taking over the internet that has actually made me laugh hysterically:

what can i say? i'm a sucker for Lamarck references...

Monday, September 14, 2009


Mark takes people who couch their gay-bashing in religious terms to task wonderfully here.


Friday, September 11, 2009

a year

it was just over a year ago when i started my job at the law firm...september 8, 2008. it feels like that was longer ago than that. all the events of the summer of 2008 seem so far away, really: finishing law school, studying for the bar, taking the bar, starting the job with the law firm. the idea of having spent large swaths of my week in an office instead of at pumping station: one (which didn't even exist at the time...) feels absurd. it feels like last summer was another person's life, or at least some other life i lived before this one.

a year ago, i thought that a hackerspace was a temporary installation at a convention where people could meet up to tinker with hardware. now, i know that they are interdisciplinary, creative, and persistent communities.

a year ago, i thought it was healthy for there to be no overlap whatsoever between my career and my interests outside of work. now, i know that any career that doesn't tie into interests i have outside of work will be an extremely poor fit.

a year ago, i thought it was a good thing that there was a complete disconnect between who i was at work and who i was outside of it. now, i know that i'm not suited to live that lie.

a year ago, i thought that i would make my career practicing law. now, i know i won't.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

summer songs

i posted today on my twitter feed, asking everyone what song reminded them of the summer of 2009. it's weird...i don't usually have songs that remind me of any other seasons, per se, but every single year i have a summer song. my summer songs are never the bubblegum stuff associated with the term "summer song"...since i really don't listen to anything all that bouncy, i think only two of these (1998 and 2007) even come close to the traditional idea of a summer song. sometimes the song was released that year, sometimes it wasn't. but, every year since i started listening to a lot of music, i can think back to that summer and always hear one specific song playing in my head as the soundtrack.
  • 1997: "The Freshmen" by The Verve Pipe
  • 1998: "Flagpole Sitta" by Harvey Danger
  • 1999: "She Has Faces" by The Verve Pipe
  • 2000: "Sick Of It All" by Finger Eleven
  • 2001: "No One" by Cold
  • 2002: "Fine Again" by Seether
  • 2003: "Caught In The Rain" by Revis
  • 2004: "The Nurse With Amnesia" by Shades of Fiction
  • 2005: "Time To Waste" by Alkaline Trio
  • 2006: "Cold (But I'm Still Here)" by Evans Blue
  • 2007: "It's The End Of The Western" by Wesley Willis
  • 2008: "Got It Made" by Seether
  • 2009: "Tonight Is The Night I Fell Asleep At The Wheel" by Barenaked Ladies
i should really make a playlist of these songs, as a kind of mental wayback machine.

Sunday, September 06, 2009


i just pulled out a very tangible reminder of the double life i used to lead: a little plastic business card case. one side, the side with the clear cover, was full of my business cards from the law firm. the other side, the side with the opaque black plastic cover, was full of my chicago flag business cards with my personal e-mail address and website.

i'm so glad that's not my life anymore.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

unlike games, it has a real computer keyboard!

it's william shatner.

advertising the commodore vic-20.

i can think of few geekier advertisements.