Monday, June 08, 2009


this morning's xkcd is made of win:


by the way, i'm not dead. i've just been crazy busy with hackerspace-type things, since the geek prom is less than a week away. (eep!)

today was the first day in a long time that i didn't make it out to the hackerspace, but i had a very good reason for that. some dork is coming to visit me on thursday, and as of this morning my room was such a mess that you couldn't actually walk into it without stepping on loads and loads and loads of my stuff. in fact, i hadn't cleaned it since the last time Rob came to visit. :P this has been remedied, however. things are in their places, the floor is clear, and it's not such a mess that i'd be embarrassed for anyone to see it.

(now, i'm almost embarrassed about how clean it is, since it's SO not me. oh well, though...i wanted the floor to be clear in case Rob and i wanted to play board games!)

other than that...i still haven't posted about my jeopardy audition or my first night of trivia...oops.

the jeopardy audition went well, i think. they don't tell you how you did; they just tell you that they may or may not call you within the next eighteen months. however, the fifty-question quiz was significantly easier than the online qualifier, or at least it hit upon stuff i knew far better than the online qualifier did. that's a good thing. the later part was the fake game-slash-personality interview, which was done as one big chunk. they called three people up at a time, we played a short jeopardy round with buzzers, then they chatted with each of us for a minute or two. that's such a crapshoot...personality is so subjective. all i have to say is...i hope they liked me, i hope they liked my scavhunt stories that i was telling, and i hope i get a call sometime within the next eighteen months.

the first night of trivia also went really, really well. we had five teams there, including two teams from ps:one and one team which consisted of the woman i sat next to at my jeopardy audition and her husband. it was just as fun as i imagined it would be to announce trivia questions, and we had a really close round with a come-from-behind victory. here's hoping the round will be just as exciting tomorrow night, when we do it again!

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