Saturday, May 23, 2009

the hazards of hackerspaces...

the problem with belonging to a hackerspace is that it's such a rich fountain of projects to get involved in, and you wonder how you're going to have time to do them all.

case in point...i'm already working on the twitter bot. my theremin has been on the back burner for a while, but i really need to carry it over to the space, troubleshoot it, and get it working before geek prom on june 13 so i can show it off. the power wheels racing series is right around the corner, and my team needs to start stripping and modifying our vehicle so we can race it on june 20.

and now, thanks to a very generous fellow hackerspace member, i have a shiny new computer. a shiny new old computer: a commodore 128. i've spent my time while waiting for the laundry to get done reading through the programming manual, refreshing my memories of BASIC and trying to soak in the commands that they didn't teach us in eighth grade programming. and, as soon as i bring my tv to the hackerspace (tomorrow?), i want to start screwing around with the music commands, and start composing old-school music on it.

i know i need to get a job again at some point, but working on my personal projects is so much more engaging.

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