Sunday, April 12, 2009


yesterday was an awesome day.

i got up early (9am? on a saturday?) to go to brunch at chief o'neill's with some of the pumping station: one people. that was fantastic...the company was amazing, and so was the brunch. something tells me this is going to be a weekly thing now, since the chief's is just a block away from the hackerspace.

(yes, i said "the hackerspace." ps:one signed a lease for a space on thursday! squee!)

after that, we hung out at the space for a couple hours, trying to think of ways to set up the space. i always feel a little weird when we're plotting that, since none of my talents fall into the visual or architectural realm. no matter,'s fun to hang out, and i'm an extra pair of eyes to look at stuff, and an extra pair of arms in case heavy objects need to be lugged. as for the design, though...i have no aesthetic mind whatsoever. as long as there is a coding lounge and an electronics lab, i'll be a happy girl.

later yesterday afternoon, i went out to oak park to see a friend of mine from law school. it was nice to catch up, since i hadn't seen him since we graduated. both of us have had some weird stuff happen in these last several months, and it was nice to talk about it and be happy about the fact that despite the weird trajectories our lives have been on, that things are a little clearer for it.

we also stopped by a bookstore. i knew it was dangerous, since he wanted a book on linux...and whenever i go into a computer book section, i always end up buying more stuff. this was no exception: i found a book on erlang, a language that i've been dying to dig deeper into since the workshop at flourish last weekend. now, i've got that book in my Ever-Lengthening Queue Of Computer Books...i'm going to finish the last few chapters of my C textbook, and then probably pick up the erlang book.

i then went home. i had no idea what i was doing, but then shaph asked if i wanted to go play some poker. he just found out on friday that there's a free shuttle that leaves from two blocks away from the apartment and takes you to and from the horseshoe casino out in hammond. i decided...hey, why not? it ended up being a good decision, since i had a lot of fun, and left the casino with more money than i arrived with.

all in all, yesterday rocked. will today be just as good? only the shadow knows.

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