Wednesday, April 29, 2009

a notacon recap, finally...

and, just in case that lockpicking video i posted a few days ago was not enough, i've got another video of shenanigans in which i partook at notacon. this time, it's me doing a speech at "whose slide is it anyway"...a completely improvised speech based on powerpoint slides i hadn't seen until i was in front of the crowd. it was a blast to do. :)

speaking of that, i still haven't posted a proper recap of notacon. it was madcap, like any good trip to a con should be. as has become my modus operandi, i didn't make it to very many talks. the three i attended were fantastic, however: an amateur radio talk by Chris Pilkington, a talk on data encoding on magnetic stripes by Matt Neely, and a talk on social network bots by Tom Eston. the social networking bot one was especially interesting, since i've done some playing around with twitter bots before. it's awesome to know that there are more people out there who are interested in playing around with them...and, since Tom is putting together an open source project based around improving n0tab0t, i'm going to collaborate and contribute.

other than the talks, i spent most of my time socializing. cons are great, in that i get to see friends with whom i don't get to hang out IRL enough, and that i get to meet great new friends as well. awesome things at notacon included [but were not limited to, since i'm inclined to forget things at 3am...] the following...
  • epic hotel room parties that eventually migrated onto the roof of the building.
  • playing lots and lots of rock band...and winning the title for "rockingest band." we did "you oughta know", and i flailed around and acted like a psycho-bitch as i sang. Rob was up to all kinds of shenanigans, too...i can't wait for that video to hit the internet, so i can post it here. we also won some great swag...including thirty-six bottles of Bawls, a clock made out of a 5.25" floppy, some computer books, and a pillow made out of a t-shirt from woodstock '99. [yes, i made off with the t-shirt pillow--none of my bandmates were such children of the nineties as i.]
  • playing a game of pandemic with two guys i had never met before.
  • hanging out in the hackerspaces room, and soldering together a little game with a microcontroller that i can reprogram as soon as i get a avr cable.
  • having the revelation, when Mitch Altman was showing me the code of the microcontroller game, that it was just C--and that i could read the program and follow what it was doing.
  • getting over my anxiety about preparing CFP submissions, thanks to Tottenkoph.
  • rocking out to some Dual Core, and getting to hear a few of their new tracks, which are completely awesome.
  • seeing some riffraff. <3
speaking of riffraff, time for me to leave for o'hare. hasta la byebye!

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