Sunday, April 05, 2009

ending my blogging delinquency...

i'm not dead...i've just been insanely busy.

wednesday, i had choir practice and then stayed out late, since chicagoland games was having their game night.

thursday i went out to the 'burbs to go see Cold and The Killer And The Star...that was full of win. i wasn't all that crazy about the venue1 or the first opening band2, but such things like that hardly seem to manner when you're eventually at the mercy of Scooter Ward. The Killer And The Star was Scooter's new band that he started after Cold broke up, and they have stayed in existence even though Cold has reunited. i don't like them as much as i like Cold, but they're still very good...they're a piano-heavy progression from later Cold music, and they maintain the passion i've come to expect from anything Scooter Ward does. Cold...was Cold. they were fantastic. sure, they didn't play my three favourite songs of theirs (She Said, Go Away, or Give)...but who cares, really? they have so many good songs that unless they played "Bleed" over and over and over again all night, i would have been elated. in was worth the hour and a half each way to go to the show, and they haven't lost a thing during their hiatus.

friday and saturday i had two quite computer-heavy days, splitting my time between flourish and startup weekend chicago.

i started by spending the daytime friday at flourish. i stayed in the workshop room, and did sessions on erlang, drupal, and tcl/tk. they were all really cool, although i think my favourite session of those was the erlang session. i need to find another use for that language, because it made a lot of sense to me.

friday night and then saturday morning, i went to startup weekend. i signed up for it a couple of weeks ago, just to see what it would be like. i'm glad i gave it a shot, but it wasn't the right time for me to go to something like that. my only marketable skill set at this point in time is legal, and i'm in no state to be marketing my legal skills if i'm not even sure i want to stay in that profession. even if i were sure i wanted to stay in that profession, none of the projects were in a constant need of legal skills, to keep me mentally engaged for the weekend. i was most interested in coding, and my coding skills are not up to snuff to be able to hammer out someone's startup idea, especially within the span of a weekend. if there was one thing i learned at startup weekend this year, it's that i need far more training and practice with coding.

so, about midday saturday, i decided to leave startup weekend and go back to flourish. this turned out to be the best decision. i should have gone earlier, since i missed the processing workshop, but at least i made half of the talk on the legal standing of open-source licenses, and all of the talk on arduino. there was a big group of pumping station: one people at the conference, so we went out for a drink soon after the arduino talk, and then back to the uic campus (where the conference had been going on) for the final reception. that was a lot of fun...i got to talk to a lot of people i knew and a few people i didn't, and just had a blast.

today, i slept in and played board games. yay, board games. :)


1 the pearl room, out in mokena. the size wasn't too bad (it was a mid-sized venue, which could have fit maybe fifteen hundred, two thousand...) but there was a lot of the area from which you couldn't even see the stage, and the place was already kind of falling apart even though it had only been there for a short time.

2 the drama club, who sounded like incubus covering the bastard child of papa roach and u2. they were awful.

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