Wednesday, April 15, 2009

best tax day ever!

i have to admit...i kind of love tax day.

sure, i'm a lazy bum who never gets around to doing her taxes until april 15th. but, once i overcome the inertia and actually sit down at the computer with my W2 and my supporting documentation, it's always surprisingly painless. it's easy...fill in a few boxes here, fill in a few more boxes there, and wait for my money to come back from the government.

(yes...even from the state! i *always* owe the state money, but not this year!)

this year was even more painless than last. in past years, i always had to file a paper tax return with the state, and file a signed paper statement with the feds. this year, since i had my stuff together enough to actually look up my adjusted gross income from last year, i could file and sign everything electronically. the post office always sucks on tax day, so it's really nice not to have to go.

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