Thursday, March 26, 2009

more google searches crack smokers have used

one of the best things about having a blog that talks about crack so much, other than talking about crack so much, is seeing what people google to get here. this week, i got a few more humdingers:
  • is crack legal anywhere in 2009: it depends if you're talking about selling crack or smoking it. as far as i know, selling crack is illegal everywhere. if you want to sell crack, you've got to be smart and sneaky, or you're going to risk going to the slammer. however, if you just want to possess it and smoke it, your best bet is colombia. in colombia, it's legal to possess up to a gram of cocaine for personal use. so, if you're willing to deal with the ridiculously high crime rate and the warring drug lords...go to colombia, produce your own coke a gram at a time, cook some crack, and smoke it secure in the knowledge that it's actually legal. of course, i can't promise that the local cocaine lords won't get a little shoot-y or stabby when they find out that you're circumventing them, but that's not the question you asked.
  • crack for pirates: no such thing exists. pirates don't need crack. they're too busy plundering, pillaging, and generally being awesome.
  • happy weekend crack: whether crack will help you have a happy weekend is up to you. if you hide your crack, smoke it in the privacy of your own home, and refrain from going out and arousing the suspicion of your local constabulary, you may have a happy crack smoking weekend. if're likely to be locked up, and it'll be a while before you can have another suitably cracktastic weekend.
  • cracksmokers in action videos: i generally don't post videos of crack smokers smoking crack. that's not the main focus of this blog: instead, it's the ancillary stupidity that accompanies the least competent crack smokers everywhere they go. furthermore, most of the videos of crack smoking involve celebrities. i'm not averse to mentioning a celebrity if they do something so stupid that it would have been equally funny if Joe Crackhead were busted for doing it, but otherwise, what's the point? this isn't's the last refuge of the persecuted crack smoker. however, just for you, i'll post the one crack smoking video that's actually worth posting here, courtesy of


Jayeennenn said...

That video is just dumbfounding. Thanks for posting it.

nicolle said...

you're's one of my favourites. i just find it so bizarre that the first thing he thinks to do when he realises he's busted is to go smoke some crack.