Tuesday, March 17, 2009

happy weekend...

this past weekend was awesome. i haven't really had the chance to come down from it, since i got back sunday night and then had an epically long day at the office yesterday...but i *was* in new york this past weekend, hanging out with some Rob guy that i seem to enjoy hanging out with. ;-)

i got into town thursday night...and friday involved watching lots of beavis and butt-head and snoozing a lot. :) my week had been pretty tiresome up to that point, so it was nice to have a day to just unwind with Rob. we walked around lindenhurst that night, and went to the music store on the main street. i was THISCLOSE to buying a flute that was on the clearance table, but Rob successfully convinced me that buying another loud, noisy thing that i don't know how to play might be a bad idea, since i was already in the process of making a loud, noisy thing that i don't know how to play.

saturday involved lots of adventures. we spent the afternoon eating tasty foods at an artsy little cafe in babylon, and i finally got to meet Rob's sister Jo and his nephew Liam. i had heard so much about them over the last...months and months, so it was a lot of fun to finally meet them! after lunch, Rob and i meandered around Babylon for a while. we stopped in this toy store, and i finally picked up my own copy of Phase 10, a card game that my friend Hilary had taught me a long time ago, but that i hadn't played since i left st. louis. we then walked around a little lake in a little park not too far from the train station, and then caught the long island rail road into new york city.

it's not like we had any plans going into town...i just really wanted to go into the city. turns out, no plans were the best plans of all. first, we took a nighttime ride on the ferry, to staten island and back. i love the staten island ferry so much...i just can't get tired of it. there's just something really fun about standing on the front of the boat with Rob and geeking out about transit, urban scenery, and everything else. after the boat ride, we confused the heck out of a security guard [and, likely, several passers-by] by rhythmically poking around at the talking kiosk map of the ferry station. all we needed was a beatbox, and we would have had a complete bundle of super geeky club music...note to self, bring phat beatz next time.

then, we just started walking. i didn't know where. Rob didn't know where. we started at south ferry and just walked north...then around city hall for a bit...and then north again. we stopped at a bookstore by NYU for a while, and then kept walking. we saw a sushi place by union square, and stopped in. after dinner, we kept walking. we popped into a comic book store...where Rob bought a 2009 calendar (finally! hehe...) and i bought a beavis and butt-head magnet. then, we just kept walking north, until we hit Grand Central Station. i had never approached Grand Central coming north on Park Avenue before...wow. it was breathtaking. we hung out in Grand Central Station for a bit, and then walked back south to Penn Station. all in all, we walked between five and a half and six miles around Manhattan that night...and it was awesome. i just wish i had brought my camera, so i could have taken pictures of the city and the scenery and the buildings.

the train ride was special. of course, since we took a train that left Penn around 1:30am, it was a Drunk Train® full of loud, smelly people. that was perfectly expected, and the drunks eventually filed off the train. what i was not expecting, however, was the large crowd of dillholes who hopped the train at Wantagh: about twenty loud, inebriated, typical long islanders all got on our car. they were exactly what you'd expect from a large group of people who would decide to hang out in some town on Long Island despite one of the world's best places to go out at night being less than an hour away. they carried themselves like they thought they were the coolest people on earth, and then betrayed themselves as wannabes by doing such things as trying to justify their coolness by saying such things as "i'm twenty, and i got into the bar!" of course, a ton of them hopped off the train at lindenhurst. as we got off the train there, i told Rob how glad i was that he managed to grow up there without becoming...that.

sunday was another low-key day of sleeping in, eating a tasty breakfast that Rob made, watching game shows...and then going to the airport. :( that's always the worst part about going to new york, the fact that it's so hard to leave. hopefully, though, i'll get to see him again soon.

notacon, maybe? <3

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