Wednesday, March 04, 2009

the CTA is officially on notice.

the "the moving walkway is now ending" woman is now the new voice of the CTA?

i hate those airport moving walkway announcements. they're obnoxious. i'll try and reserve judgment until i hear her work for the CTA...maybe she's got some nice voice-actress chops and can make the CTA announcements sound different from the airport ones. still, i'm apprehensive...and i will be really, really sad if my CTA rides start to sound like my long waits in airports.


Anonymous E. said...

If she changes the red line announcement from "This is Grand and State" back to "This is Grand", she's a keeper. Cuz what's grander than a urine-soaked el station?

nicolle said...

hehehe...fair enough! it really does need to go back to "this is grand."

and, speaking of that station, i'm so sad they're renovating it. i loved its old, grungy charm.