Thursday, March 05, 2009

are you kidding me?

dear dillhole,

this letter had better be a joke. if you actually thought that you were not actually risking spending your life at work by taking a job in new york city biglaw, you must be the stupidest person ever. i'm sure people warned you of that when you were in law school. that information is all over the internet--on atl, on a million other blogs, and in a million news articles. any of your classmates could have told you that. any of your professors could have told you that. any of the people in career services could have told you that.

in fact, you probably worked as a summer associate. remember all of those people who were still slaving away in their offices when you were leaving for this, that, or the other hard-drinking summer associate event? you're one of them now.

if you don't want to have to work a lot, quit your job. you are not entitled to a big, fat severance package because you ignored all of the information that was out there, took a job in new york city biglaw, and decided that you didn't ever want to work long hours. in fact, you're entitled to a swift kick in the nuts.

no love,
the persecuted crack smoker

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