Monday, March 02, 2009


there's something oddly therapeutic about updating the filters on a fresh install of adblock. sure, i put the filterset on there, but it's not perfect. as i flit from news site to news site, i see different ads, and have more url patterns to block. sure, it's not particularly brain-stimulating, but i feel like i'm doing a good deed every time i click "add filters." i know it's not that big a deal, since i'm only blocking the ads for myself and not the entire internet...but it still feels like i'm flicking off the advertisers every time i block their url pattern.

but...if anyone does want some awesome adblock filters, let me know. i'll happily share--i have a very long-term adblock install on my other computer, and i don't remember the last time i saw an ad on there. :D

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