Monday, February 02, 2009

super bowl ad goodness

i don't care all that much about the super bowl. however, i always like seeing the ads. insertnamehere2 suggested that we post our favourite super bowl ads, so here go the two that i saw that made me crack up:

first, we've got ed mcmahon and mc hammer's spot. this ad is terrible, horrible, very bad--and hysterical. first of all, the mere concept that the economy has gone so far down the [ed mcmahon's golden?] toilet that is running super bowl ads is bizarre enough. second of all, ed mcmahon and mc hammer waving around all their stupid gold tchotchkes is hilarious.

i'd also like to think that mc hammer's gold medallion with him wearing a gold medallion on it was an intentional implementation of the yo dawg meme.

i also loved the moose butt ad...because, seriously! moose butt! do i need a better reason?

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