Sunday, February 15, 2009

snuggie pub crawl fail

sigh. they released a date for the snuggie pub crawl i mentioned a few days ago. it's on april 18th...right smack in the middle of notacon.

i wish it could have been any other weekend than that...but hacker cons happen to fall on the short list of things that are cooler than running around town in a stupid looking blanket and drinking in public.

maybe i'll have to just procure a snuggie and wear it in public another day. sure, there won't be the throngs of snuggie-clad people like there will be in the pub crawl, but i'll probably confuse more people doing it on my own. :D

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David J Barnes said...

Perhaps a Cleveland-based Snuggie Pub Crawl is needed? We have already launched multiple cities..

If you would like to help promote/get the Cleveland Crawl going, hit me up.