Wednesday, February 11, 2009


i was at the breakfast place around the corner from my office, waiting for them to finish toasting my bagel. while digging around for my office key card, i saw the little red light on my crackberry start blinking. like an appropriately pavlovian first-year associate, i immediately grab my crackberry and check to see what it is.

i recognised the from name as the subject of a rather entertaining bush administration snafu. at first i was confused about why i was getting republican party spam on my work email address. i get plenty of political spam, but it's all left-wing, and it's all on my personal address. if someone had done that to me on my work address, it would be time for some serious sleuthing.

then i remembered something that i had specifically tried to put out of my mind: this particular figure is, in fact, a partner in one of my firm's other offices.

sure enough, it was just an innocuous response to another innocuous office-wide email that had been circulated earlier in the morning. it was not A Curious Case Of Being Signed Up For Republican Spam By Someone Who Really Hates Me--less entertaining, sure, but kind of a relief.

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