Tuesday, February 03, 2009

musings on kirk cameron

more proof that i have weird friends:

shaph: do trivia tonight

me: i can't. i have a hackerspace meeting.

shaph: bah
!k nicolle

me: sorry, this isn't irc ;-)
you don't have ops here
i'd probably get a nice swift !k in the ass if i missed the meeting tonight, though

shaph: you're getting a !k in the ass when you get home then
i learned that improves relationships from "Fireproof"

me: who died and made you Kirk Cameron?

shaph: ... kirk cameron

[for all of you who do not spend entirely too much time on internet relay chat, !k is the command (on some irc clients) that a room operator can use to kick someone out of a chat room.]

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/slap me for forgetting my...