Thursday, February 12, 2009

downs and ups

after choir last night, i went to a bar to hang out, unwind, and watch the duke/carolina game. the game itself was a debacle...even though duke was winning when i got there, we ended up getting our asses handed to us on silver platters right there in cameron indoor. *seethe*

when i could distract myself from the game, though, the night was good. i swear, Justin's [the bar i went to, on the corner of southport and roscoe] is a great, great bar. it's right off the brown line stop by my apartment, and it has really tasty food. but, the real reason it wins at life? it plays by far the best music of any bar in town. every time i have ever been in there, they've had lithium on. lithium is simply the best satellite radio station ever: it plays all 1990s rock, all the time. if i ever bought a satellite radio, i'd never turn it off of that channel. i know all the words to almost everything they play on that station, and i just feel like i'm home when i'm listening to it. it's cozy.

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