Wednesday, February 18, 2009

chicago 2600 is moving, to where i do not know...i kind of saw this coming, but i still don't want to go.

does anyone know a good place for a bunch of geeks to hang out and chat, hack, give talks, and pick locks one friday night a month?

it looks as though chicago 2600 won't be able to meet at the boys and girls club anymore after our march meeting. i'm not quite sure about the entire story, although i've heard that the one interim director who really liked us was not given a permanent position, and another person associated with the boys and girls club wasn't interested in coordinating our meetings anymore. whatever the reason behind it, the point is the same...we need a new space.

this makes me sad...the boys and girls club is a great venue. there weren't any kids activities going on anymore by 7pm when our meetings started, and we could hang out there as late as we wanted. there were several rooms we could use, including a computer room with a wireless network. this made our meeting kind of an anomaly...most 2600 meetings meet in a public place around 5pm, and either hang out until they close, or run around from place to place after the rendezvous. the fact that we meet and stay in one place gives our meeting an interesting character, since we can bring our projects there with us and not have to carry them around from to different locations. the meeting always felt like a sort of late-night clubhouse for geeks.

i guess all good things must come to an end, and it's not productive for me to continue this eulogy. this is only the end of an era; it will not be the end of chicago 2600. we just need a new location.

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almighty said...

I do miss the b&g, and have only hit 1 or 2 meets since then, i feel as if it has died a bit, but can be revived, has anyone had any ideas about a location? i know jaku had hacker space he was working on, and the weird guy from the mailing list who wanted us all to go to his office building after hours.