Tuesday, January 06, 2009


my brain is not working efficiently this week.

first of all, i've slept like crap the last two nights. i got back to my apartment around 11 on sunday, but i was awake until almost three thirty in the morning. it wasn't too bad yesterday...i was tired, but i had that fake-awake that comes after one night of limited sleep. i was expecting to crash hard last night, but i did anything but. i was awake until at least twelve thirty...and this, combined with being up at least an hour and a half starting at 4am [i eventually stopped looking at the clock and just resigned myself to tossing and turning a lot], means that i've gotten maybe eight hours of sleep combined in the last two nights. i'm getting to the point where not even caffeine is helpful, and i'm really hoping i crash tonight and feel halfway-decent by thursday.

second of all, my brain is bouncing from thing to thing and proving its complete inability to focus on one thing. i've got too many projects in my personal life that are coming to a head right now.
  • the holidays are over, which means that pumping station: one is meeting again. since we're filing our nonprofit incorporation paperwork very soon, tonight's meeting is going to be an important one. in fact, they're all going to be extremely important from here on out--since, once we file, we have to hit the ground running as far as raising money, actually finding a physical space, and a million other practical things we need to arrange before we can have a functioning hackerspace.
  • i'm working on a website about jonathan lee riches ©, and since i've finally got access to my web hosting account, i'm trying to learn the content management software and figuring out how i want to organize the fuckton of lawsuits jlr© has written. [that is, after all, the point of this website--to put all of his lawsuits in one place so people don't have to rely on intermittent justia postings or the annoyance of pacer to get their handwritten lawsuit lulz.] this will be a work in progress for a while, given that jlr© has filed so many lawsuits and i haven't actually developed a website since my aol homepage as a teenager, but i want something interesting on my domain soon.
  • i'm working on an article for upl #31, but hitting a snag in my research thanks to my finicky wireless card. the lack of good documentation on this issue is why i really want to get this resolved and write an article that does not suck, but this has been driving me crazy for about two and a half weeks, and i really hope to have it resolved and written up by this weekend.
  • i still need to figure out an entertaining and creative way to hax my shmoocon barcode.

my personal life has gotten creative for the first time in an extremely long time, and thanks to my inability to sleep, i'm lacking the ability to make much headway on any of it.

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