Tuesday, January 20, 2009

programming win.

connecting to wpa from my debian box [my eee] was a pain in the ass, and involved lots of messing around with configuration files. so, i decided to write a script this weekend to automate the process and make connecting to wpa-encrypted networks as analogous as possible to connecting to open or wep-encrypted networks using iwconfig, since that's what i'm used to doing.

i tested all of the logic and file processing at home and debugged it this weekend, but this evening at mercury cafe was my first time being able to test the script to see if it actually worked to connect me to a wpa-encrypted network. i've done enough programming to know that no matter how much debugging i do on a theoretical level, i won't feel good until i have tried it in the real world and it does what i wrote it to do.

and...my wpa client does what i wrote it to do! OMG OMG OMG! SO HAPPY.

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