Friday, January 09, 2009

an open letter to milt patterson

dear milt patterson,

i just read that governor blagojevich was impeached, and i just read that you were the only person to vote against it. that's your prerogative...there are always going to be people who don't support impeachment, and that's why these things are put up to votes in the state house, instead of just starting a senate trial when public opinion sways against the governor. i was curious about your reasoning.

the tribune printed your comment. i do not think you are an idiot because you voted against blagojevich's impeachment. i think you are an idiot because of the comment you made in support of your vote. according to the article:

"Rep. Milt Patterson (D-Chicago) was the lone vote against impeaching the governor. Patterson, from Chicago's Southwest Side, said after the roll call that he didn't feel it was his job to vote to impeach the governor. He declined comment on whether he approved of the job Blagojevich is doing."

mr. patterson, i suggest you read article iv, section 14 of the illinois state constitution. according to that, it is your job to vote on whether to impeach the governor.

if you think he's innocent and that he does not deserve to be impeached, fine. if you approve of the job blagojevich is doing, fine. if you don't support the principle of the house of representatives having the power to impeach politicians, fine. i wouldn't have agreed with any of these arguments, but at least they would have been a little more rational than the explanation you proffered.

besides, if you didn't think it was your job to vote to impeach the governor, it would have been more consistent with that belief had you abstained from the vote altogether.

the persecuted crack smoker

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