Thursday, January 22, 2009

oh, internets.

i saw this ad on the new york times website today:

really? i can click on this cheaply slapped-together ad and read ann coulter columns? for free?

if i really wanted to read her colums as they came out, don't you think i'd have already signed up for an rss feed by now? seriously.

part of me thinks i might have clicked if the ad were slightly more professionally done, and offered to pay me large amounts of money to be one of the first people to read new columns by ann coulter. however, an even larger and more reasonable part of me thinks that i would have probably screenshot it and mocked it in that case, too, since such a thing would so clearly be a scam.


and, speaking of weird ads, google just displayed a text ad for in my gmail. this is probably because i'm getting responses to a thing i posted about teledus in wtf-stupid, but it just makes me inordinately happy that there's a website called

in fact, the website is extremely lulzy. it's for one of those twenty-some-odd-dollar downloadable e-books that scammers are always trying to sell via google adwords. i don't know why they would need to put together a whole book about how to remove skunk smell, but the description of why the book is so groundbreaking and revolutionary gets funnier and funnier every time i read it.

not to mention that the top of the website has one of the most entertaining graphics i've seen in a long time:


yes, i'm easily amused. why do you ask?


sabrebutt said...

It happens to more people than you think. You come home only to see an ann coulter ad in your web browser. It's so strong that you think she's put out a new book or there's been some type of chemical used nearby. Then you suddenly realize that a advertiser has incorrectly targeted you! You probably thought, "no big deal...I've heard of some ways to remove advertisements from web pages". But everything you try doesn't work.

nicolle said...


i <3 you.

Josh said...

Hmm, an Ann Coulter ad on the New York Times website? It was probably a wise decision to make the ad in MS Paint and save funds that they won't make up from ad revenue.