Friday, January 16, 2009

More News People Who Put Up With Crack Smokers Can Use

dear person who found this little corner of the internet by searching the terms being disappointed by a crackhead,

i'm not quite sure what kind of infrormation you were trying to find here. if you've been disappointed by a crackhead recently, i'm sorry. but, that is the way of the crackhead. there's not a whole lot you can depend on a crackhead to do. you can't depend on a crackhead to cook you dinner. you can't depend on a crackhead to do your laundry. you can't depend on a crackhead to show up for a date on time. maybe they'll come through sometimes, but odds are that none of these obligations are tops on their priority list.

in fact, there is one and only one arena in which a crackhead will never disappoint you: you can depend on a crackhead to smoke crack. if you are not a crack rock who is dying to be smoked, you are always going to be disappointed by a crackhead.

if you're willing to deal with that, then by all means keep the crackhead in your life as your friend, your lover, or whatever else their role may be. however, if being disappointed by a crackhead is frustrating you, maybe you should suggest that your favourite crackhead go to rehab, and if that doesn't work, try to make amends when and if they are no longer a crackhead.

in practicality,
the persecuted crack smoker

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