Sunday, January 25, 2009

i'm doin it wrong.

my eee officially has more RAM than my main box does.



Josh said...

By RAM, do you mean your SD card?

nicolle said...

nope...i mean RAM. i voided the warranty, unscrewed the RAM door, and switched my 512 MB RAM module out for a 1 GB one.

Joshua said...

Sweet, I didn't know the RAM was upgradeable. Is it normal sized RAM or some kind of baby RAM :x

nicolle said...

it's normal, standard RAM.

some of the eee models are easier to upgrade than others. i have a black 4G Surf model--and there's a nice little RAM door on the bottom of the computer. i took off the screws, popped out the door, and switched out the RAM card--it took a minute, tops. some of the models have RAM doors; others, you have to actually take apart the computer's case to get to the RAM. they're still upgradeable, though.

the one drawback to it is that it voids the warranty. still, i didn't really care about that...i do so much tinkering on that thing that i have probably voided the warranty anyway, so i may as well have some extra RAM, right?