Thursday, January 08, 2009


last night can only be described as a karaoke night on crack.

first of all, i went out to friar tuck to sing karaoke. the place wasn't very busy last night, so i got to sing five(!) songs:

  • "my own worst enemy" by lit
  • "amish paradise" by weird al yankovic
  • "god bless the usa" by lee greenwood [and, unlike the last time i did this as an ironic shout-out to the demise of the right wing, i did not get a pack of marines mad at me! i'm moving up in the world.]
  • "piano man" by billy joel [no, i was not drunk enough to do this song justice. oh well. it was still fun.]
  • "a whole new world" by peabo bryson and regina belle [this was a duet with the foof. yes, it's the song from aladdin, but we sang the pop version and threw the foof right under The Peabo Bus.]

then i went home...and proceeded to play about an hour's worth of rock band with shaph. i'm getting over the last vestiges of a sore throat, so i'm surprised i made it through five songs at friar tuck, much less another hour of rock band afterward. still, it was so much fun. i love playing rock band because it's full of songs that are never in the books at karaoke bars--and, even if they were, they're ones i probably would not sing at the karaoke bars because i do not have a good voice for loud, screamy rock music.

speaking of rock band...last night i did get 100% on "almost easy" by avenged sevenfold on medium. i need to try that one on a harder level, because that would be really cool if i could 100% it on hard or expert as well.

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